As a child, I asked a lot of questions. About culture, grammar, the world. You name it, I wondered about it. But the one thing I never questioned was what I wanted to do when I grew up.

From the age of seven or eight, I could answer with certainty that I was going to be a writer. 

I used to spend my weekends writing poetry with my grandmother, alongside plates of baked slice and hot Milos. I’d toil away on a notepad, crafting crazy plots and rhyming limericks, while she’d be writing works of her own. 

Flash forward a few years and my university experience led me down the path to copywriting. I became fascinated by the versatility of language and the way in which copy moulds perspective. Several clichéd Euro-trips later, I discovered my best work was travel non-fiction – where I could inject my passion for the world into my prose. 

Today, I divide my time between my day job, creating content for an Australian-based travel company, and studying for my Diploma of Spanish (the language obsession runs deep these days). While my specialty is travel, I’ve written copy for many different industries, from food to real estate and even furniture. I have experience writing articles, blog posts, eDMs, short-form copy, press releases and advertorials. I’m also a diligent copyeditor, with a great eye for vocab and grammar. 

So, if you’re after a versatile writer with strong attention to detail, I’d love you to get in touch.